Toto Soiree Toilets – The Reason They Are a Class Apart!

The range of products that Toto has put out in the recent years has quickly become the standards by which all other products in the same segment are judged by. The reason that such an accolade has been bestowed up 토토사이트 먹튀 toilet range lies in the sober yet refined design that their Soiree range boasts of. With minimalist curves and a sharp geometric design, one look at this plumbing wonder and you begin to see how form and function have come together to make what could be considered the classiest toilet of this decade.

Like all Toto products, the Soiree is extremely low maintenance and if it ever does needs parts, they can be ordered for cheap from Toto itself. The way this toilet system has been designed leaves little room for dirt to hide anywhere in the nooks and crannies that plague toilets that are more elaborately or intricately designed. The inside of the Toto Soiree collection is quite advanced as well. What Toto calls the ‘Double Cyclone’ system works wonders when it comes to scrubbing the inside of your toilet bowl from edge to edge.

This technology coupled with the special glazed coating on the ceramic ensures that dirt and grime do not stick to the unit. Another thing that this amazing flushing system does is provides for a flushing system that does not leave any holes in the toilet cove for the water to come in. The seamless water jet in the rim ensures that the salts in the water do not leave stains in your toilet bowl a few month after use.