Domino Effect Triples Insurance Sales Earnings

Increase earnings immediately for a salesperson instantly rise using the “domino effect.” The options of skepticism or delay are not viable options to you. Otherwise you will be thrown among the masses of salespeople facing the 20 to 1 odds of avoiding failure.

Determination to succeed separates average from exceptional.

The laws of sales survival say breaking traditional company sales rules points in the direction of salvation. In insurance or any other sales, do not envy the successful ones. They have discovered how put the odds in their favor. Applying the domino effect introduces from ground zero the ultimate pieces that few salespeople have grasped.

There are only 3 pieces used in creating the domino effect. All must be applied in order for you to triple your insurance sales earnings. The three dominoqq pkv pieces are (1) a working leads system, (2) increasing by repetition your sales skills, (3) confidence enhancement producing a higher closing ratio and increasing premium policy size. One piece leads directly to the next. If one piece falls so do all the rest, along with you.

The First domino you must turn upright is named “leads”. For most salespeople is the hardest, yet most critical.

A genuine lead is rarely company provided. The true lead is an interested qualified person requesting information on a product you are experienced in selling, residing in a reasonable driving distance. For the ground zero domino to stay upside, you should start with 2 or 3 good lead appointments daily. The average career insurance person is lucky to acquire two or three valid leads, covering a portfolio of products, during a week’s time.

Personally spending $600 or so, allows sending out 1,000 piece bulk mail sales letters. You must make sure the carefully written sales letter only goes out to prospect clients matched to a product you are familiar in selling! This introduces receiving accurate prospect lead responses. In reality a minimum of $2,000 in commissions or profits is reasonable. Immediately take $600 out of this return, and repeat the process over.

This pops up the second domino, simply marked “selling skills”.

Seeing more people by paying for good leads, automatically builds up skills. Yes practice does lead to selling. Your sales presentation starts flowing naturally, and you see your prospects intensely listening to your offering. But you can’t stop investing in leads, or both dominos will tumble over.

The last domino suddenly springs upward, almost on its own. Your selling skills have elevated the “confidence” domino to spring into the third slot.

Confidence is rarely born, but usually earned. Use your knowledge to mastering the streamlined products used most often. Increasing and repeating sales presentations, along with product knowledge earns you confidence. No more jitters, no more income fears. Instead you should almost transparently see your ratio of sales increase, plus notice a rise in the average sales amount.

All three dominos are standing tall and so are you. Don’t take any shortcuts or implement any major changes or you will be back to ground zero in a flash.

Let’s summarize the domino effect. Quantity and quality of constant leads + sales skills enhanced by more presentations + boosted confidence to consistently close more sales = a net income that can easily triple your current earnings. Plus you get all the credit for personally writing your own ticket. As Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way”.

P.S. By the way, the domino effect not only applies to insurance salespeople but to the direct marketing firm recruiter representatives of insurance product selling, and those selling outside products to insurance agents.