Reasons Why Not Everyone is Cut Out to Make Money With Online Marketing

There are 8 common reasons why not everyone is cut out to make money with online marketing, let alone becoming an entrepreneur. Do not look at these as disabilities, but look at them as problems with very easy solutions that if resolved, will take you to places and let you see things you have never seen before!

The 8 reasons why not everyone is cut out to make money with online marketing are:

Reason #1:  For some ungodly reason, everyone thinks that marketing online is something that is will make them rich overnight. Maybe it is all the hype about online marketing over the internet that has created this over-excitement of getting rich. However, here is the truth, 97% of those that decide on joining an online business fail shortly after. If this is your mentality, then I suggest continuing doing what you are doing and not become part of so many successful online entrepreneurs. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of grief!

Reason #2: If getting “NO” for an answer disturbs, and maybe even discourages you, then online marketing is not for you. In the online marketing industry, 95% of your prospects will say “no” to what you have to offer. Only the right training and attitude will get you past this very small obstacle and lead you to a successful torrez market urL.

Reason #3: Another pet peeve of mine is that so many people that join an online marketing business to make money just do not realize that it takes money to make money. Even though someone can afford to join an online business opportunity, that person must also be willing to spend on marketing their business. This does not mean you will spend a fortune, but spending you will. The reality is that the more money you spend on educating yourself on online marketing, the less you will spend on actual marketing expenses depending on which marketing technique you decided on using. More on this later!

Reason #4: “Not open to learning, thinks they know it all, cannot be taught, unwilling to try something new.” If this sounds like you, then stay away from not only online marketing, but from becoming an entrepreneur period! Even the most successful business owners keep an enormous library available to them for continuous learning. The moment you become unteachable is the moment you become unsuccessful. The more you know, the greater the advantage you will have on your marketing competition.

Reason #5: One of the greatest advantages we have as humans is the ability to combine our minds to create something outstanding. If you are the unsociable type, then you will struggle to become successful in online marketing. I know what you are thinking, “But its online marketing! Why would I have to socialize with others if my business is entirely on the internet?” Here is my reason to you. The only true way for you to get the full potential of your business and make the money you are looking to make is by socializing with those that already have what you want. This way you are able to learn from the mistakes of others.

Reason #6: If you are someone that starts something but never gets around to finishing it, you will definitely struggle with making money using online marketing. An online marketing business is a business like any other. Only when you make the commitment to treat it like a business will it pay you like a business. PERIOD! If you treat it as a hobby that you use as an excuse to seem busy, then it will pay you like a hobby, occasionally!

Reason #7: After many years of living a certain lifestyle, we tend to become comfortable in this state of being. Unless you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try things you have never tried before, you will not get the things (goals) you never had before. You must be willing to make a mental commitment to not only your business but to yourself that you will become successful and make money from your business. Then and only then will you begin to see results from your efforts.

Reason #8: And finally yet importantly, you must have a strong reason WHY you want to become an online marketing entrepreneur and become successful. If there is nothing that sits inside of your mind that compels you to keep driving forward to reaching your goals, you are not going to have enough “fuel” to get to your destination. You must have a strong reason for doing what it takes to become successful and reaching your goals. If you do not have one, then you can honestly say that you are taking a chance at staying motivated throughout your efforts of making money and becoming successful.

If you can say, and let’s be honest here, that you are willing to take on the challenges full force and are willing to make money from online marketing, then you only have one more step to take. That step is to become as highly educated in online marketing that you can possibly be. In addition, this is something I can personally help you in. I am an online marketing mentor that helps serious entrepreneurs learn every possible marketing strategy available today to be able to master online marketing and allow you to make a ridiculous amount of money online.